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Dwarfins Trivia

            How much do you know about Dwarfins? We will be holding a Dwarfins Trivia hour, 3 times a week in Dwarfins group chat. The first Dwarfins...

8 New Achievements Released!

8 New Achievements Released! Dwarfins is proud to announce the release of 8 new achievements! With the release of 8 new Dwarfin types there must be achievements for crafting 7T...

Let me introduce myself

My name is Astrid Rockbeard and I am one of the CSR’s for the Dwarfins Team. I have been part of the team for just over 6 months and enjoy working with people and helping...

Buy & Sell your Mining Items!

Huge Release Today! You can now Buy & Sell your Crafting items! Dwarfins offers a robust crafting system that not only allows you to mine up materials and turn them into...

Newest Release!

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