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Have you tried the Fishing Game on the Dwarfins Sim?


Grab a fishing rod and cast for experience levels
and lots of cool prizes!


Read all about it Here then click the Dwarfin for a quick teleport!

The manual has been revamped!

Check out the new easier reading format, you may learn something new!

Latest Dwarfins Blog Feeds

August Empyrium

Starting August 1st and for the entire month of August, match any male and female Miner Weapon to get a chance at creating a new Empyrium Weapon in the carved rock they produce...

New Way that Dwarfin traits will be released

Starting today, new Dwarfin traits can be discovered through the normal Birthrock creation process. In the past new Dwarfin traits could only be found through buying starter...

Picture of the Week!

Congratulations to Schahy Resident, this weeks winner of the Picture of the Week. You can see Schahy’s winning picture at the Dwarfins sim as well as on the Dwarfins website...

Updates to the Longhouse!

We’ve released 2 huge updates to the online Longhouse page! 10 New User Categories added to available user categories for a total of 20. A new ‘Uncategorized’...

Picture of the Week

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