Have you tried the Fishing Game on the Dwarfins Sim?


Grab a fishing rod and cast for experience levels
and lots of cool prizes!


Read all about it Here then click the Dwarfin for a quick teleport!

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Back to School Gacha!

It’s that time of year again, kids groaning and parents cheering, that’s right it’s time to send the wee ones back to school! And now Dwarfins brings you a little...

NEW Fishing Game

Dwarfins is proud to announce the latest addition to the many things to do on our sim….Dwarfins Fishing! Grab a rod, slap on some bait, fish in the waters around the Dwarfins...

Summer Dwarfins

Get your FREE Summer Tourist Avatar and pick up the Summer Tourist Dwarfins and Interactive Beach Towel, only available until August 31st at the Dwarfins sim or our affiliates...

A day In the life of a CSR

For those of you that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. I am Kettra Rockbeard A CSR For Dwarfins! I have always enjoyed Breedables In Second Life, and spend a majority...

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