Have you tried the Fishing Game on the Dwarfins Sim?


Grab a fishing rod and cast for experience levels
and lots of cool prizes!


Read all about it Here then click the Dwarfin for a quick teleport!

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Empyrium Dwarfins!

In chapter 4 of the Dwarfins story, we learned the Gods were going to be influencing new Dwarfin creations. On April 1st, that time will start! Starting 4/1/2015 and for the entire...

Dwarfins Spring Party!

Join us this Saturday, March 28th at 2pm slt for Dwarfins Spring Party hosted by the Dwarfins Team for RFL. Come dance and party with us, along with: Armadus Building Design...

The Easter Dwarfin has arrived!

And he’s brought a brand new interactive! Your Dwarfins can now make a wish, fill their mugs and splash their feet in this new interactive fountain. Don’t worry the...

Go Green!

Dwarfins is going green….for St. Patricks Day. Just released for St. Patricks Day, Patty and Potsy. These Dwarfins come with one week of food and a decorative plate of gold...

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