Have you tried the Fishing Game on the Dwarfins Sim?


Grab a fishing rod and cast for experience levels
and lots of cool prizes!


Read all about it Here then click the Dwarfin for a quick teleport!

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The Beekeepers are here and they are available for sale exclusively with Dwarfins Gold. They have a special bonus with them, if you have a beekeeper birthed, in world and not...

Gwarda’s Holiday Wishes

Hi everyone, I will be honest , I have started and stopped writing my blog post 5 times this morning. First I was going to talk about Brewing, and all the new items that go along...

Brewing, Vineyard and Honey…oh my

And then there was ALE! Dwarfins Brewery —————————————————— The Dwarfins...

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone. To help make the season festive, we have released…. 4 Sets of new Dwarfins and 4 sets of new avatars Jack Frost and the Ice Queen Elisa...

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