Have you tried the Gem Hunt Game on the Dwarfins Sim?


Collect Gems around our sim and put them together to create
your very own Dwarfin Gem Avatar!


Click the Gem Bag for a quick teleport!

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Dwarfins Picture of the Week

We are looking for a few good snaps! Dwarfins is proud to announce a new weekly contest. Dwarfins Picture of the Week Contest! To Enter: -Use your best artistic skills to take a...

Mine a MINE!

A Mine blueprint has been added to crafting. MINE SPECS Required crafting Items: 50 nails, 200 logs and 5 metal ore Approximate Footprint: 9m x 8m Number of Stages: 5 Final Stage...

Dwarfins Trivia

            How much do you know about Dwarfins? We will be holding a Dwarfins Trivia hour, 3 times a week in Dwarfins group chat. The first Dwarfins...

8 New Achievements Released!

8 New Achievements Released! Dwarfins is proud to announce the release of 8 new achievements! With the release of 8 new Dwarfin types there must be achievements for crafting 7T...

Newest Release! The Dwarfins Mine

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