Dwarfins introduces Manufacturer Retail Suggested Pricing


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Dwarfins introduces Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing

MSRP stands for “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price”.  The MSRP system for Dwarfins is currently in open Beta status, we will adjust as necessary over the...

Dwarfins will see you in Fantasy Faire 2014!

DWARFINS IS A PROUD SPONSOR OF RFL FANTASY FAIRE 2014  Every year for 6 years FANTASY FAIRE reemerges, with GREAT strength, and purpose. This event is comprised of many designers...

Easter LE’s and Group Gifts

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner and the Dwarfins are ready. We have released 2 sets of Easter Dwarfins along with Easter Egg food and special gifts for our...

Send Harvested food back to Pantry!

Time to Celebrate!  Many have asked for it, and we’ve added it to harvested food! So there you are, being Mr. or Miss Gardener, happily tending your garden and/or fish pond...

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