Change is Coming!

On June 7th, 2015 we are transitioning all Dwarfins Food to Online meals!

Find out what you need to do to prepare for this change HERE

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View Dwarfins in 3D on the web!!

Dwarfins raises the bar yet again! We’re proud to announce a new feature that’s involved massive amounts of work hours for us, but is just too cool not to do it. We...

May Empyrium

Starting May 1st and for the entire month of May, match any male and female Hunter Outfit to get a chance at creating a new Empyrium outfit in the carved rock they produce! Read...

And the Winners Areā€¦.

  The Team Dwarfins RFL Auction Event was a resounding success! Thank you so much to everyone that donated Dwarfins for this event. Here are the final Totals: Random Birthrock...

Fantasy Faire has begun

Join us and hundreds of other fantasy merchants at Fantasy Faire 2015! To celebrate Fantasy Faire, we have...

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