Dwarfins Manual


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Long House or Online Meals Overview - Watch the video tutorials

Need Help With Genetics?  Click Here for our tell-all blog post that unlocks the complete recipe for successful breeding of your Dwarfins!

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Are they transferrable?

Starter Dwarfins purchased from the Dwarfins store are transferrable, and any Dwarfins that are birthed from starter Dwarfins, are transferrable.

Food is not transferrable.

How Many Prims are they?

The simple answer is 11. All Dwarfins are part mesh and part sculpt. Their land impact is 11 and this will not vary, even if your Dwarfin has a rare trait. You may notice that the Dwarfins may show as 10 prims if they are standing still, once they start moving, that prim count will go up to 11.

Note: Older vieweres such as Phoenix may show them as 14 prims but land impact is only 11. Phoenix doesn't calculate prim counts in the same way newer viewers and the SL servers do.

Our Ham food is 1 prim,  limited edition foods (candy canes, cookies, walnuts) and garden/fishing harvested foods are 2 prims.

What is a Dwarfin's Life Cycle?

A Dwarfin's natural life cyle is 75 days. Up to age 75 they can breed as much as they want (no limit on number of births) as long as they first satisfy the conditions of being able to breed, which is a 100% energy, a proper mating target and not petrified or in market mode. Once a Dwarfin has reached 75 days their main menu will change to a smaller set of their normal menu and it will indicate at the top of the menu "Old Age". You will still have all the functions available on the menu, except mating will no longer be an option.  Old Dwarfins can still mine if you want to use them to collect more gold or crafting items. Dwarfins will continue to require food so that they don’t petrify. But don't worry, even an old Dwarfin will still get updated daily and do new and exciting behaviors!

If you no longer want to support an old Dwarfin, but don't want to lose them, we offer an Altar of Eternity in our main store that will convert a Dwarfin into an Eternal Dwarfin.  Eternals no longer mine or carve new rocks, but they also do not require any food.  (Note that eternals will be ignored by Dwarfins updaters when we release new versions of our main product and will no longer contact the server for new behaviors).

NOTE: Dwarfins will age and get hungry even when in your inventory.



Starter Dwarfins can be purchased at the Dwarfins sim in a variety of pack sizes.Click here to teleport to the Dwarfins Sim
Each Dwarfin will start inside of their "Birth Rock" which allows you to either Birth them or view their statistics. Male and Female single packs are available, all other package sizes contain equal number of males and females.

Our pack sizes and prices are:

  • 1 Dwarfin + enough food to feed 1 Dwarfin for 1 week $ 704L
  • 2 Dwarfins + enough food to feed 2 Dwarfins for 1 week $1,408L
  • 4 Dwarfins + enough food to feed 4 Dwarfins for 1 week $2,816L
  • 6 Dwarfins + enough food to feed 6 Dwarfins for 1 week $3,600L (15% discount)
  • 8 Dwarfins + enough food to feed 8 Dwarfins for 1 week $4,800L (15% discount)
  • 20 Dwarfins + enough food to feed 20 Dwarfins for 1 week $11,232L (20% discount)

Food (Dwarfin not included):

  • feed 1 Dwarfin for 1 week 52L
  • feed 1 Dwarfin for 4 weeks 196L
  • feed 1 Dwarfin for 8 weeks 392L
  • feed 4 Dwarfins for 4 weeks 748L
  • feed 4 Dwarfins for 8 weeks 1496L
  • feed 8 Dwarfins for 8 weeks 2992L


Upon purchasing any of the Dwarfins store packs, a folder will be placed in your inventory with the same name as the pack you purchased (Example Name: "Dwarfins Starter Pack Size 8"). Inside of this folder will be from 1 to 20 Birth Rocks and food, depending on how many Dwarfins are in the pack you purchased.


Dwarfins should be placed on a relatively flat area. They do not like SL Terrain and should be kept away from any rising terrain that is taller than their ankles.

Although we have scripted them to try and stay away from terrain, SL doesn't always comply with responding to our land checks. If you must place them close to terrain, please make sure their maximum range does not allow them to go into any hilly area.

A Dwarfin can tell if they're placed on a parcel that will not allow them to produce a new Birth Rock due to building restrictions.  If this happens, you will see a hover text message just below their name stating "Wrong Land Group".  This means that the females will not be able to rez a birth rock and will still lose 100% of their energy in trying to do so.  You should set build permissions to group and set your Dwarfins group to that same land group.  Remember, they may be set to the proper land group, but if that land group has rez rights turned off, the Dwarfin will still display this message.



Drag a Birth Rock from your inventory folder to the ground. Make sure that the birthrock is set to the proper land group.  Upon initial placement the Birth Rock will be colored solid black. This is a visual cue that the Birth Rock is still waiting to be blessed by the god Andronicus and have life breathed into it (contacting the server).

Once this happens, the Birth Rock will show a normal stone texture and is ready for birth, naming or viewing of the statistics of the Dwarfin inside.

Please do NOT right click and open a Birth Rock and copy its contents to inventory! This will end up breaking the Dwarfin and it will disappear from world.



Lists the parents and their stats to screen.

Hover Stats

Turns hovertext displaying birthrock name and stats on or off.

Name This

Allows you to name your birthrock. The name of the birthrock will also be the name of the Dwarfin when it is born.


A list of the Dwarfins attributes along with an indicator of how rare that item is will be shown in local chat.

Dwarfins purchased from the store will only ever have starter traits showing, but their hidden traits are guaranteed to be above the starter levels.


Clicking this option will free the Dwarfin from his/her stony cage and bring them into the world.
You will see a message “Andronicus is breathing life into this new Dwarfin!” At this time they will be contacting the server and will remain this way for up to 30 seconds (or more if your sim is very laggy).

You will see a thought bubble over their head with a picture of a computer transmitting, which is your cue that they are talking to the server. Once they have finished contacting the server you will see them whisper that they are now active and are ready to be interacted with.


Clicking this option will allow you to return the Dwarfin to its creator. This process will give you the 10 Dwarfin gold that each Dwarfin is born with. You will be asked to confirm this process multiple times before it happens as this is, in effect, a permanent deletion of that Dwarfin.


Dwarfins move in a random fashion around their allowed range, but never more than 2m at a time (see below for 2 exceptions to this). Increase/decrease their range by choosing Actions -> Set Range.

A Dwarfin will not try to go off the edge of a sim, even if there is a sim next door to move on to. As well, they will not leave the parcel they've been placed on.

Dwarfins may walk further distances than the 2m, but only if they are:

  • * Returning to their home position to go to sleep
  • * Walking to an interactive item


Food Options

Dwarfin food comes with a set amount of meals that can be used to feed a Dwarfin. Which Dwarfin gets to eat that food is changeable.

To select which type of Dwarfin will be able to eat from the food, click and hold the left mouse button down on the food for at least 1 second. A menu will appear with the following options:

  1. Owner Only - Only Dwarfins owned by you can eat from this food
  2. Group - Dwarfins that are in the same group as the group the food is set to can eat from that food
  3. Everyone - All Dwarfins, regarless of owner, can eat from this food
  4. Sim - All Dwarfins that belong in the choice listed above can eat the food if they're on the same sim as the food
  5. Parcel - All Dwarfins that belong in the choice listed above can eat the food if they're on the same parcel as the food
  6. 20m - All Dwarfins that belong in the choice listed above can eat the food if they're within 20 meters the food

Once all food has been consumed, the food will instant message you that it has gone empty and hover text over the food will say "Empty" in orange letters.  Touching the empty food at this point will delete it from world.



Like all life forms, Dwarfins need food to survive and will become hungry 4 times a day. After 3 days of no food a Dwarfin will turn back to stone (Petrify) and will no longer be available for any normal activities. Dwarfin's hunger is based on a percentage scale from 0% to 100%, 0 being not hungry at all and 100% being petrification.

The Dwarfin's hovertext gives you a visual cue of 3 things regarding their hunger:

  • * A number which shows the % of how hungry they are
  • * A plain English description of their hunger level (e.g. Not Hungry, Starving, etc)
  • * The hungrier they get the darker red their hovertext will be.

Note: Dwarfins will still become hungry even when in your inventory, so if you pull a Dwarfin out of inventory after many days, expect it to petrify immediately even if there is food around.


As mentioned above, a starving Dwarfin will result in a petrified Dwarfin. Their physical appearance becomes that of stone and a chat message lets you know that this process has happened. For reasons of keeping "spam" messages down, we have chosen not to include an instant message to the owner when this happens. To remove a Dwarfin from petrification, just place food down. Within 1 hour they will smell the food, use their last bit of energy to unpetrify and will begin eating and gaining energy. NOTE: Petrification is not good! A Dwarfin will lose 100% of their energy when they petrify!


Creating New Dwarfins (Mating)

Dwarfins do not "breed" in the usual sense of the word, meaning they do not perform sexual acts to reproduce. A new Dwarfin is the result of a mother and father Dwarfin combining their skills and talents together in the art of carving a new Dwarfin from stone. Their traits dictate the results.  See the link at the top of this manual to read more in-depth information on genetics.

There are a few things that need to happen before 2 Dwarfins can create a new Dwarfin:

  1. The Mother & Father must both be at maximum Energy levels
  2. The Mother & Father will not create a new Dwarfin if they are brother or sister (this includes half siblings), or if one of them is the parent of the other.
  3. The Mother & Father must be within range of each other. Make sure their home positions and ranges allow for them to get close enough

When 2 Dwarfins have agreed to create a new Dwarfin, the female will produce a rock that she felt was a good fit. The male will rush over to it and the 2 of them will carve a new Dwarfin.

The new Birth Rock will remain black (as mentioned above in "Birthing") until Andronicus has breathed life into it. This Birth Rock will also allow the viewing of stats and birthing just as the store bought versions do, but the child will be based on the genetic traits of his/her mother & father and the child's gender will be random.

Female Mating Menu Options:

  1. Choose Mate – Allows you to choose the male Dwarfin that you would like the female Dwarfin to partner with.
  2. Show Mate – Lists who your Dwarfin is partnered to (if you click on your Dwarfin, their hovertext will also show you who they are partnered to)
  3. Clear Mate – Clears your Dwarfin’s partner
  4. Everyone – Set whether Dwarfins can mate with Dwarfins that are not owned by you.
  5. Owner Only - Only your Dwarfins can mate with each other.
  6. Mating Off - Turns mating off (to turn it back on choose Everyone or Owner Only)
  7. Lineage - Connect to the Dwarfins website to see this Dwarfins ancestry.

Male Mating Menu options:

Males do not have a "Choose Mate" option.

  1. Show Mate – Lists who your Dwarfin is partnered to (if you click on your Dwarfin, their hovertext will also show you who they are partnered to)
  2. Clear Mate – Clears your Dwarfin’s partner
  3. Everyone – Set whether Dwarfins can mate with Dwarfins that are not owned by you.
  4. Owner Only - Only your Dwarfins can mate with each other.
  5. Mating Off - Turns mating off (to turn it back on choose Everyone or Owner Only)
  6. Lineage - Connect to the Dwarfins website to see this Dwarfins ancestry.


The options available under the Actions menu are:
  1. Market Mode
  2. Send Home
  3. Set Home
  4. Show Range
  5. Set Range

Market Mode

We know it's heart wrenching to part ways with one of your Dwarfins, but there may come a time that they just might be better off in another home, so we give you Market Mode as a way to keep them in line while that's happening.

Left click the Dwarfin and choose "Options -> Market Mode" from the menu. You will be asked if you're sure you want to do this.

While in Market Mode your Dwarfin will only sleep, eat, and update themselves.

Note: Once your Dwarfin is in the position that you want them to stay in, choose Set Home from the Market Mode menu. Your Dwarfin will sleep to gain energy while they are in Market Mode, and setting their home ensures that they will not stray from their desired location when they sleep.

Move Home/Set Home

A Dwarfin's initial birth spot will become their new "Home". This is the position that they will base all of their movement and range calculations on. If you ever need to calculate a Dwarfin's range to something, it's always based on the distance to that object from their Home position.

If you are not happy with the Home position that was set at birth, you can always move them to a new location. To do this, once they're in their new home position, click them once for their menu and choose "Actions -> Set Home" to set a new home location.  Note that taking a Dwarfin into inventory and then putting them down in world automatically sets their new home to where they were placed.

Show Range/Set Range

Range is a distance based on where a Dwarfin's home position is set and out to the farthest distance they can move to. Many things are based on a Dwarfin's range, which defaults to 5 meters.

Keep in mind, this is 5 meters in any direction from their home position and forms a circle around the Dwarfin.

To set a new range, click the Dwarfin to bring up their menu and choose "Actions -> Set Range".

A new menu will come up which gives you the options of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20.
The Dwarfin will respond confirming your choice. To view your Dwarfin's range, left click them once and view their hover text or, from the menu, choose "Actions -> Show Range".
If you choose Show Range, the Dwarfin will first move to their home position and then rez particles in a ring which matches their range.


My Gold

Get your player Dwarfin Gold account balance.
Each Dwarfin has the ability to sometimes mine up Dwarfins Gold, the amount of gold that each Dwarfin has obtained will be displayed in their hovertext. When you RETURN that Dwarfin to Adronicus, the total gold that Dwarfin has collected, will be deposited to your player account.
The gold that is deposited into your player account can then be used to buy fun and useful items at the Dwarfins store.

To purchase an item using your Dwarfins Gold, look for a vendor with a Gold Coin attached to it.  This signifies that it takes Dwarfin Gold.  Then, right click the vendor.  The pie menu will show you the gold amount that it can be purchased for.  When you click that, it will state again how much it costs in Gold, and how much you have in your player account.


You have the option to leave hovertext on all the time, only when someone clicks on it or never to have hovertext show at all.

Sounds On/Off

Turn Dwarfins sounds on or off.

My Parents

List the Dwarfins Parents Names and stats. If the Dwarfin says "I have no parents, I was created by Andronicus himself!", that means that the Dwarfin was purchased directly from the Dwarfins sim.


Activity Levels

One of the best features of the Dwarfins is that they never lack in variety. A custom built system checks with the servers on a daily basis and brings down any potentially new animations and behaviors for your enjoyment.

A Dwarfin's activity level dictates when (and if) you see these custom behaviors. By left clicking your Dwarfin and choosing "Options -> Activity Level" you can then choose how often you want to see these animations or even turn them completely off.

Note: Even if activity level is set to Off, the Dwarfin will still move to mate  and sleep.  Activity level has no bearing on energy levels.

My ID#

Shows in local chat to screen your Dwarfins ID#, helpful if you need to file a trouble ticket.

Set Name

If you would like to name your Dwarfin, this is where you set their name. The name can be up to 63 characters and can include spaces and/or underscore. Anything else will be removed by the server and will update the Dwarfin on their next refresh.


By left clicking your Dwarfin and choosing "Mine" you can send your Dwarfin to practice mining.   Each time you do this your Dwarfin will lose 5% energy.

Choosing "Mine" will add a small amount to the Dwarfin's mining abilities and they may just dig up something that either further increases their mining abilities or gives you an item that goes into your "My Storage" page on www.Dwarfins.com.  "My Storage" is where you turn these mined up ingredients into real in-world objects.  Note that a blue print for the object also must be mined up before it can be made with the mined up items.  You can also sell items you've mined up for Crafting Points and then turn around and buy other items with those same points!  Learn more Here.

Released in Version 1.03 is the ability to Auto Mine.  This can be found in the Dwarfin's main menu under "Auto Tasks".  Clicking Auto Mine will set that choice to "Auto" in their hovertext and the Dwarfin will automatically mine until they've run out of energy to do it again.  Under the Auto Tasks menu is also "Cancel Auto" which stops that Dwarfin's automatic mining.  Also are 2 buttons labeled "Always Auto" and "Never Auto".  "Never Auto" allows you to set that Dwarfin to never auto mine.  This is handy when you've set aside that Dwarfin for breeding and want it to ignore "Auto Mine" commands sent from your Dwarfins HUD.  "Always Auto" means they will again listen to those Auto Mine commands from the HUD.

Once energy has been depleted, the auto feature will be turned off.  You can cancel auto at any time by choosing "Auto Tasks -> Cancel Auto".


Will show in local chat, the Dwarfins name and traits.




If at some point you feel that your home just isn't big enough for your village of Dwarfins, you can send 1 or more of them back to their maker and get a little gold in return.

Left click your Dwarfin (or Birth Rock) and choose "RETURN".

Please read the notice at the top of the next menu which states that you will permanently delete this Dwarfin. This is not reversible and management can not supply you with another Dwarfin if you choose this option.

If you still feel that you want to continue to return your Dwarfin click the button labeled "ANDRONICUS".

We wanted to be very careful to not put in a system that lets folks accidentally return their Dwarfins so we put in one more safe guard after this.

As stated on the screen you'll need to type "RETURN" (no quotes and in all caps) into main chat. The Dwarfin will pray to Andronicus to take them home and with a shiny display of godlike powers the Dwarfin will rise into the air and travel back to his/her maker.

They will also toss you gold they had in their pockets which you can later use to buy awesome items at the Dwarfins marketplace!




There may be times where your Dwarfin just isn't behaving, animations may be a bit wonky or a CSR may ask that you "refresh" your Dwarfin. This is the button that you will click to do that, once you click the button, your Dwarfin will refresh him/herself and during that time, which is normally only a few seconds depending on lag, your Dwarfin will be busy and their menu will be unavilable. Once they have completed their refresh, they will chat to you that they are active and should continue to operate normally.

Version #

Will show in local chat, the version number of that Dwarfin.


Will open a link to load this web page. This document will always be the most up to date information on the operation of the Dwarfins and should always be referred to when in question.

File Ticket

This will open a link to load the Dwarfins trouble ticket system on the Dwarfins web site. You can also access the trouble ticket system through here www.dwarfins.com.  You will need to log in first to access it.  Once you are logged in click the menu item named "Help -> File a Ticket".  When you reach our support page, click "Submit a New Request" or click any of your other open tickets to see if there are updates.

If you included your email address in the "My Account" section of the Dwarfins website, you will get updates to your tickets via your email.  This is the only use of your email that Simul8 Studios and Dwarfins will ever have for it.  Emails are *never* shared or sold to any other person, company, or organization.  We will never use the email for Dwarfins related emails either.


Gaining Energy

Energy can only be gained via sleeping, Dwarfins will sleep once an hour for approximately 1 minute. While they are sleeping their menu is unavailable and they cannot be woken up.
It takes 5 days for a Dwarfin to gain 100% energy if they are not doing any activities during that time.

Losing Energy

Energy can be lost by doing any of the following:

  1. Mining - 5% of energy is lost
  2. Petrifying - 100% of energy is lost
  3. Creating a child Dwarfin - 100% of energy is lost


Dwarfins genetics system is based on mendelian genetics, traits from mothers and fathers will be passed down to their children based on a reproducible rule set.

Closely related Dwarfins such as mother/child, father/child, full siblings and half sibling, can not mate.

Trait Bonuses

There are a few special Dwarfins that give you bonuses if you have one birthed and out in world:

  • * 7 Traited Miner - gives a chance when mining to give a duplicate of the item mined up. This applies to any Dwarfin mining as long as you have a 7T Miner birthed and out in world.
  • * 7 Traited Farmer - gives a chance when gardening to give a duplicate of the item harvested or pantry'd. This applies to any Dwarfin gardening as long as you have a 7T Farmer birthed and out in world.
  • * 7 Traited Fisherman - gives a chance when fishing to give a duplicate of the item harvested or pantry'd. This applies to any Dwarfin fishing as long as you have a 7T Fisherman birthed and out in world.

Dwarfins Interactives

Dwarfin Interactive Items are every-day items that allow you to bring a whole new world into the game play of the Dwarfins.

Just set the item down with the red markers in the range of your Dwarfins and watch as they begin to interact. The red markers that you see attached to your item, show you where your Dwarfins will go to interact, this makes it easier to place the items in reach of your Dwarfins.

There are a variety of options available on your interactive item, you can reach the menu by doing a long left click on the item, a menu will appear with options to turn the interactivity feature on or off, allowing other people's Dwarfins to interact with your item as well as an option to turn the red markers invisible, or to make them visible again.  There may be more options available depending on the actual item you buy.

Future Enhancements

Watch the Dwarfins group chat notices and the Dwarfins Blog for announcements of new releases.

A Note From The Creators

Over the last 2+ years of creating and managing the Dwarfins we have faced every sort of hiccup, challenge, astronomical event, delight, joy, and suprise. Overall we had one idea in mind, to bring the most enjoyable, innovative, and awe inspiring breedable game to Second Life.
So, from Dante, Judy, and Jaimy, we hope you find these little fantasy folk as fun to use as we had creating them. We thank you for everything and wish you happy playing!!